Pregnant Sudan Christian Mother Sentenced to Hang to Death

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Pregnant Sudan Christian Mother Sentenced to Hang to Death

Read Joanne’s Townhall article (Pregnant Sudan Christian Mother Sentenced to Hang to Death) where she continues her coverage of the terrible sentence passed down by a Sudanese court convicting the Christian doctor to death for not renouncing her faith.

The Real War on Women? In the Sudan Pregnant Mother on Trail for Christian Faith

Read the article by Joanne on Townhall Magazine titled The Real War on Women?, about the Christian doctor who is on trial for her life because of her beliefs.

The Numbing Death of America

Read Joanne’s latest article on Townhall titled The Numbing Death of America. Within you’ll find details of the chillingly callous disregard for the sanctity of human life at the hands of a VA Hospital in Phoenix, AZ and the frightening incineration of aborted human fetuses to power homes in Oregon. Don’t miss it!

Joanne’s Townhall article on the HHS Mandate

Check out Joanne’s latest Townhall article on the mandates imposed by HHS: The HHS Mandate: It’s All or Nothing

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Thank the US Army!!

The years I spent in the USA is paying off – big time! My excellent training as a Public Affairs Officer makes all the difference, especially now that I’m speaking all over the state of Arizona. Looking forward to the upcoming presentations in Jan & Feb. Together we CAN save lives & make a difference!!